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MA Thesis – Rolling the dice: the social position of gambling in late medieval England

The central question of this dissertation is: what did it mean to gamble in late medieval England? The work interrogates the social position of gambling and gamblers in a range of textual and visual sources. It assesses the evidence for medieval gambling, concluding that dicing was the pre-eminent form of play and certainly the game that was the source of the most significant cultural anxiety.

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Supervised by Professor Linne Mooney


Debating Chivalry Module Essay – Telling Tales: The significance of story in Froissart’s construction of chivalry in the Voyage en Bearn

This essay, at one stage during its writing, was titled ‘Fear and Loathing in Froissart: A savage journey to the heart of the chivalric ideal’. Fortunately I saw sense and opted for something less prattish. Nevertheless, the contention remains the same: that Book III of the ‘Chroniques’, in particular the court of Gaston Foix, offers a charged zone in which Froissart interrogates his own historiographical method.

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Supervised by Doctor Craig Taylor

Girton College, University of Cambridge (BA, English)

Part II Dissertation – The necessary biro: Writers and writing in the novels of Jonathan Coe

The aim of this dissertation is to pursue an interest in the writers, acts of writing, and versions of text that populate the novels of Jonathan Coe; charting how these elements function in structuring, connecting, reinterpreting, and propelling his narratives; and how they provide a means for Coe to interrogate his own approach to writing narrative in the contemporary novel. Coe’s works show an author peculiarly sensitive to questions regarding the value of narrative in academic, personal, and commercial contexts.

For some reason I can’t find the proofed and scrubbed up version so please be sympathetic to typographical errors and odd formatting. Furthermore, since completing the dissertation in 2008, Coe subsequently published The Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim (Viking, 2010).

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Supervised by Doctor Leo Mellor

Weekly essays: As my supervisors saw them – unedited, uncorrected and hopelessly naive

Paper 1: Chaucer and chums

Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey’s dreaming, Troilus, Langland confesses, Margery Kempe vs. Wayne Rooney, Malory, Medieval drama

Paper 3: The ‘long’ 18th

Thomas, John, Thesps

Part II, Tragedy

Euripides trousers, Tamburlaine, Problems, Tragic histories?


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