Out of bounds

by agwelch

Short piece for New Design 122 (June 2016) on the Visionary Crazy Golf project for the London Design Festival which sadly failed to reach its Kickstarter funding threshold


Hole concept by AtelierBowWow

Golf hasn’t had the greatest of press recently, what with the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers deciding against allowing women to become members of the famous Muirfield course. Stroll up to the tee then a group of leading designers who in a stroke for golfing inclusivity have unveiled plans to transform Trafalgar Square into the country’s most visionary crazy golf course.


Paul Smith’s hole on the steps of The National Gallery

The project, led by fashion designer Paul Smith (a man whose association with golf you might think runs as far as smart sweaters), will see nine avant-garde holes installed around Nelson’s Column for the duration of the London Design Festival (September 16-22). The ambitious installation is seeking crowd-funding via the Kickstarter platform with backers able to select rewards including early-bird tickets to play the course and limited edition Paul Smith socks.


Hole concept by Tom Dixon

Smith himself has proposed a challenging hole that would see golfers putt up and down the steps of The National Gallery. Other high-profile designers who have devised concepts for the course include Tom Dixon, Camille Walala, and the Japanese architecture practice Atelier Bow Wow. Before her sad death in March this year, Dame Zaha Hadid contributed to the project, designing an undulating hole over two levels that traces the shadow of Nelson’s Column.


Mind the pigeon – Ordinary Architecture

At the time of writing the Kickstarter fund stood at just over £20,000 pledged out of a £120,000. So, if you will indulge another golfing pun, there’s a fair way to go and if you want to be putting amongst the pigeons this autumn it’s up to you to support the project. Plus fours strictly optional.