Solar focus

by agwelch

The latest issue of Energy Engineering magazine looked in detail at the UK solar energy market.


As part of our solar focus, I spoke to Reza Shaybani, chairman of the British Photovoltaic Association.

Time in the Sun

Whilst solar photovoltaic (PV) technology is in itself relatively mature, the UK’s solar industry is, by comparison, somewhat youthful. It is only in the last three years that a meaningful solar PV industry has established itself in the UK and even within that short space of time the industry’s fortunes have fluctuated with the shifting sands of both government support mechanisms and public opinion.

Nevertheless, Reza Shaybani, the chairman of the British Photovoltaic Association (BPVA), believes that the UK solar industry is “in very strong shape at the moment”. When the BPVA was formed in 2010 it had ten founder members and there was approximately 20MW of installed solar PV in the UK; the organisation now has over 750 members and the UK has reached over 2.6GW in installed PV.

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