Wheels of fortune

by agwelch

Range Rover Evoque

For the latest issue of New Design I interviewed Gerry McGovern, design director at Jaguar Land Rover.

We discussed the successful launch of the Evoque and the Warwickshire man’s uncompromising approach to automotive design.

“McGovern harbours a strong philosophy on automotive design and short shrift for his critics. Although he has spent his career in the car business he is not the petrol-head one might expect. An industrial design graduate, he is an admirer of mid-century modernist architecture and interiors.

In his most recent project, McGovern guided the evolution of the Range Rover Evoque – a vehicle intended to broaden the appeal of the brand to younger, urban and design conscious customers.”

Read the full interview: I’m not a flower arranger…

Gerry McGovern (centre) poses with the award winning Evoque

New Design 95 also contains our 2012 Yearbook – well worth a look.